A fair promise binds a fool

"We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools."
- Martin Luther King

Once upon a time, three young rams decided to band together and, thus being stronger, occupy nearby meadow where there was much rich grass and clean cold spring. Upon seeing the wealth of food in the meadow, they settled there.

One day, a big bad wolf came and attacked them but they put their tails together and the wolf met only horns, however he tried to approach them. “As long as they hang together like this, I will be hungry” thought the wolf and came with an idea.

He crawled near the Billy and told him “Hey, why don’t you and Buck betray the Duke to me. You don’t defend him and I will eat him. That way, all this reach meadow will belong to only two of you!” Billy thought about this, talked to Buck and they decided to listen to the wolf’s advice and keep all the food and water for only two of them.

Not long after the wolf feasted on poor Duke, he again approached Billy. “Hey Billy, listen, why don’t you betray the Buck to me? It will leave you the king of this rich meadow and you will never again have to share anything!” Billy looked over the wealth of this meadow and thought how nice it would be to have it all for himself, so he agreed.

After the wolf finished the lone Buck, he attacked Billy, now all alone. “Wait wolf, I have listened to all your advice. Are you going to break your promise now?”

“A fair promise binds a fool” was the wolf’s answer as he struck.

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