Keeping love alive

You know very well that love is, above all, the gift of oneself!
- Jean Anouilh

Once upon a time, a mother and her son were walking along the beach. Suddenly, the boy asked: "Mom, how do you keep love alive?"

The mother looked at her son and replied, "Take some sand in your hand and squeeze it as hard as you can." The boy did as instructed, but the harder he squeezed the sand, the faster it escaped his hand, running through his fingers. "But like this the sands falls out." complained the boy.

"Yes," said the mother. "Now, open your hand wide." The boy opened his hand and the wind blew away all the remaining sand. "I can't keep it in my hand that way either!"

"Now pick up some sand again and leave your hand half open, like a spoon." said the mother, "Closed enough to protect it and open enough so it won't escape."

The boy tried it and saw that the sand remained in his hand, protected from the wind, yet, not running through fingers. 

That is how you keep love alive...


Irene Cortez said...

Beautiful!!! and this really applies in real life. When you put too much pressure on someone (like the squeezing of the sand), you hurt the other person. keeping your hand open (meaning not pressuring someone) keeps the love alive. Great post!!! :-)

Stuart Kaplowitz said...

Beautiful indeed. I hope my words come close.

Mari said...

Great post, thank you. new follower

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